HypoHeretic - an iClone Machinima music video
  • Film by John C Martin II, The Martin Bros.
  • Filmed in real-time 3D with Reallusion iClone 2.5
  • Edited with Ulead Video Studio 11
  • Performed by Kirsty Hawkshaw
  • Song Produced by kirsty hawkshaw and Glen Nicols
  • Lyrics by kirsty hawkshaw and Alex Mei
Kirsty hawkshaw
Hypoheretic is a song by hit UK dance music artist, Kirsty Hawkshaw. Kirsty has many chart topping tracks to her credit and currently holds the #2 dance music track in the UK for, 'Fine Day 2008'. Kirsty is a pioneer in dance and pop music with early success performing with her band Opus III in the 90's and later singing with electronic superstars: Orbital, Paul Okenfold, BT, DJ Tiesto and more.
Kirsty Hawkshaw in Second Life KFH Pooraka
Kirsty is also an avid member of the Second Life community, which created the opportunity for us to meet in August 2007 while attending the Second Life Community Convention (SLCC) in Chicago. I was there to speak about Reallusion's animation software and how many Second Life users were utilizing our animation software to produce Machinima films made in Second Life. Primarily, CrazyTalk was the topic of discussion in our presentation which Kirsty attended. After the presentation Kirsty and I met and discussed collaborating on a video for her upcoming project. After traveling home Kirsty and I continued the creative conversation via Skype and in Second Life. Kirsty shared some tracks to consider for the video and I immediately latched on to HypoHeretic.

The filmmaking process startred with a character concept I prevized with iClone.

Cyborg character test in iClone 2.5

Final cyborg character design
Google 3D City filmed in iClone


iClone gives incredible access to 3D models. In the case of HypoHeretic, I needed some assets to create specific environments, like a futuristic city or the helicycle that the cyborg rides through the city. iClone has direct compatibility with Google SketchUp and the Google 3D Warehouse through iClone's 3DXchange model converter. Since I did not want to spend to time to model the city or the helicycle, I search the Google 3D Warehouse and quickly found models that were perfect.

City: Scott - created by the Ancients - Google 3D Warehouse

City rendered in iClone
Google 3D City filmed in iClone
The City in iClone looks different from what you see in the Google 3D Warehouse because iClone allows you to enhance the models from 3D Warehouse with Smoothing, Specularity, Reflection, Glow and iClone's real-time fog, skies and lighting effects. The moon was added in iClone using the default 3D sphere and texturing it with a diffuse map and glow map. The real-time atmosphere of iClone transfroms basic models into stunning props for your movies. I was very pleased with the options iClone's compatibility with Google gave to my project.

Helicycle - by Katase - Google 3D Warehouse

Helicycle rendered in iClone
Google 3D City filmed in iClone

The teleporter scene where the cyborg leaves her world for the virtual world required another model that I felt could be best sourced from an existing model library. I searched DAZ 3D and found the Regenerator in OBJ format, which I purchased and converted into and iClone model with 3DXchange.

Regenerator- DAZ 3D

Regenerator rendered in iClone
Regenerator iClone prop from DAZ 3D
Regenerator iClone prop from DAZ 3D
The teleporter scene also demonstrates the Matte Painting filmmaking technique which I use in various scenes of HypoHeretic. I sourced my Matte backgrounds from Second Life interiors and exteriors. (3088, Alien Planet) slurl to be posted soon.

iClone project side view

iClone project camera view
Google 3D City filmed in iClone
Google 3D City filmed in iClone

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